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Product Information

ZipCentral is a free, easy to use zip file manager that let's you create new, open existing, add to and extract from zip files. It can also create Self-Extracting archives and archives spanned across multiple floppy disks. ZipCentral supports Drag & Drop to and from Windows Explorer or File Manager and includes a Shell Extension.

Key features:

  • Runs on Windows 95/98/2000 and Windows NT 4.0.
  • Files created in all popular Zip utilities can be opened with ZipCental.
  • Files created in ZipCentral can be opened with all popular Zip utilities.
  • ZipCentral let's you create Self-Extracting archives that can be executed on any Windows 95/98 or NT machine without any special software installed.
  • Drag & Drop support to and from the Windows Explorer.
  • Includes shell extension to enable archive operations from Windows Explorer.
  • Open documents or run applications by double-clicking the desired file in the ZipCentral window.
  • Span large zip files across multiple floppy disks.
  • Archives can be scanned for viruses with your anti-virus software without leaving ZipCentral.
  • Install function included to simplify installation of applications within an archive.
  • E-mail the current archive with your default e-mail program by a single keystroke.
  • Let's you customize your zip files the way you want them.
  • Archive comments can be viewed and created.
  • Rename of files within a zip file is possible.
  • User interface similar to other popular shareware archive managers.
  • Full install and uninstall support.
  • Online manual included.
  • Available in several different languages.
  • It's completely free! (please read the software license agreement when installing).
  • ... and more...

Screen shot of ZipCentral...

System Reqirements:
VGA: 640x480 @ 256 colors or higher
RAM: 16 MB or higher on Windows 95/98, 24 MB or higher on Windows NT 4.0.
CPU: 486 DX-2/66 or above.
OS: Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000 with version 4.70 or higher of the file COMCTL32.DLL (Please visit the
F.A.Q. page to find out what version you have and to download an update if needed).

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