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How to write a bugreport

If you have found a problem that you suspect might be a bug in the software, please send a bugreport. The goal of ZipCentral is to be the most robust freeware Zip-package you can find, that's why your help is appreciated. General suggestions on user inteface and function are also welcome.
Please follow the guidlines below when creating your bugreport.

Bugreports should be sent via e-mail and include the following:

  • Version of ZipCentral (look in the About box).
  • Operating system and version (i.e. Windows NT 4.0, Service Pack 6).
  • Language of operating system (English, French etc.).
  • Description of the problem. Try to include as much information as possible. I must be able to reproduce the problem to be able to correct it.

Please send your bugreport to and be sure to include all of the above information. You will receive a reply when the problem has been looked in to, or if more information is needed.




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