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ZipCentral is a free and easy to use zip file manager with all the utilities you need to manage your zip files. The goal of ZipCentral is to be the most robust freeware zip-package you can find today. 

ZipCentral is currently available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. Click the Download button to the left to download your copy for free.

March 18, 2000:
German version of ZipCentral 2.06 released!
The German version of ZipCentral is now available for download.

March 18, 2000:
F.A.Q section updated.
New frequently asked questions added to the F.A.Q. section.

January 16, 2000:
ZipCentral English version 2.06 released!
Version 2.06 includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed a problem that appeared in version 2.05 when adding subfolders to archives.
  • Fixed an issue with the password protection of archives that appeared in version 2.05.

Version 2.05 introduced the following changes over version 2.02:

  • Corrected a problem that made ZipCentral stop responding. The problem appeared when extracting a zip file that contained only one file, and only if that file whas selected during the extract operation.
  • Fixed an issue with enabling/disabling the menu items "Convert to executable" and "Convert to zipfile" on the "Actions" menu.
  • Changed one of the options for default extract folder from "System default" to "Same as active archive folder". In that way, you can set the default extract folder to be the same as the folder the current open archive is stored in.
  • The extract window can now automatically create a new folder and any number of new subfolders that you type in the "extract to" field. The new functionality is also included in the copy, move, read span and write span windows. Previously,
    only one new folder without subfolders could be created.
  • Changed the menu captions and shortcuts in the context menu.
  • Fixed a problem that could occur when adding certain folders to a zip file by using the context menu.
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October 25, 1999:
ZipCentral Spanish version 2.02 released!
Version 2.02 is now available in Spanish.

October 17, 1999:
ZipCentral version 2.02 released!

Version 2.02 introduces the following changes over the previous version:

  • Fixed a problem related to extracting archives with a large number of files.
  • Fixed an issue with the e-mail archive function that could appear on some systems.
  • Minor changes to the user interface.

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If you have any problems using ZipCentral, please click the F.A.Q. button to see if you find your answer or to get help on how to report a problem.

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